The Residents

The 5th session (2024 onward)

The program now accepts participants in a rolling admissions and new members will be added here as they arrive.

The 4th session (July16th-August20th 2023)

William Bloomquist

4 Kyu OGS - KS, USA

Will was sick and tired of being the strongest player in his city and so he joined BadukHouse where he's enjoyed purusing the BadukHouse library, cramming in loads of OGS games, streaming, and helping out in numorous ways.

While not studying the flying knife's every variation, Will happens to also be an incredibly talented musician.

Ed Hellen

5 Dan AGA - FL, USA

Ed's dream is to one day hold a Nihon-Kiin Championship Title and he sure studies like he means it! His love of Go knows little bounds and he is always up for a game. He's turned into the resident librarian and chef as well.

While not beating down Will (and then offering insightful advice), he enjoys mathematics and programming.

The 3rd session (MARCH-APRIL 2023)

Luis Palacios

2 Dan AGA - Guadalajara, México

Luis, better known as Itarios, started playing during his bachelors in 2013. Promoter and founder of the Club de Go de Guanajuato, he got 3rd place in the Mexican Go Tournament 2022, and represented Mexico in the 42nd World Amateur Go Championship.

Luis has many hobbies and interests, from sewing to woodworking. He’ll find something to do or to fix.

Ginger Persolus

6 Kyu AGA - IL, USA

Ginger (his real name) is a hyper-driven community-focused goal-oriented lover of compound words and Go. He is the new coordinator for this program. Additionally, this helpful rascal volunteers for the Chicago Go Club along with the e-journal at the US Go Congress.

When not slaying Paul on the goban, you can find him leveling up is Magic The Gathering skills and serving up healthy meals to his friends.

Paul Mendola

6 Kyu AGA - OH, USA

Paul, aka MidnightTheBlue, learned Go in 2021 from his passionate friend and sensei, Devin. He found himself enamored with the thrill of tackling fresh challenges and forging new friendships at the Go club. He is a total Twitch Frog and loves sharing the emotional roller coaster he calls games with chat.

When not "throwing for content" Paul enjoys running, playing soccer, watching Super Mario 64 speedruns, playing Zelda, and listening to the Stardew Valley soundtrack.

The 2nd session (June 2022)

Eric Yoder

6 Dan AGA - KY, USA

Eric has been playing since 2009 achieving the rank of SDK in only 3 weeks. He'll be attending the pro qualification tournament in June 2022. 

Besides Baduk, he enjoys both bouldering and lead climbing.

Rémi Campagnie

6 Dan CGA - Montreal, Canada

Well known in Europe and North America, Rémi seeks to become the next North American Go Professional. His time in the program will be devoted to intense study while also volunteering to build a more exciting tournament system.

When he isn't injured, Rémi also spends his time rock climbing.

Jeremiah Donley

5 Dan AGA - MA, USA

Jeremiah is a passionate player striving to become stronger. He often plays on Fox and Tygem. He also creates live streams and professional reviews. His goal at the Baduk House to help others improve their content creation and Go abilities.

Jeremiah may or may not have a slight addiction to soft-drinks, cats, and scoots.

Ragnarr Marksen

1 Kyu - TX, USA

Ragnarr has been playing Go on and off for about seven years. He hopes to stabilize his gameplay while here to begin climbing to 3d. When not playing Go, Ragnarr enjoys giving reviews to weaker players. 

Ragnarr enjoying reading books in his spare time, notable favorites include Deception Point by Dan Brown and the Inheritance cycle by Christopher Paolini.

Javier González

2 kyu - Canary Islands, Spain

Javier started playing Go in 2019 at the Club de Go de Canarias. Since then, Go has become an important part of his life. He has come to the Baduk House with the aim of developing projects to help other players improve faster and share his passion for the game. 

His friends call him "Javi," but "Javier" is even more "Javi". He may or may not be addicted to Tsumego...

Wilson Lu

3 kyu - CA, USA

Our youngest resident, Wilson will be living nearby and visiting during the day to study and play.

(photo not actually Wilson)

Ursa Woodring

7 kyu - NC, USA

Ursa has been playing go for two years after their sister begged them to learn. The flow of weiqi has sucked them in and now there's no going back. Ursa also enjoys writing about the game and reading stories that contain it. 

When not baduking, Ursa can be found taking long walks, doodling, drinking tea or coffee, or maybe writing a story about trees.

The 1st session (march 2022)

Soren Jaffe

6 Dan AGA - OH, USA

Hailing from Cleveland, Soren is the 2020 and 2022 Ohio Go Champion. Having played seriously for 10+ years he is not only an avid Go player, but also a teacher and tournament director. He creates video reviews and teaches for the Ohio Go School; an official organization created by the Nihon-kiin, Tsukuba Branch. 

Aside from Go, his favorite hobbies include running, playing rhythm games, and solving rubik's cubes.

we agreed candid photos... right?

Eva-Dee Beech (aka. Gooplet)

1-3 kyu - PA, USA

Eva-Dee started seriously studying Go at the beginning of the pandemic. Since involving herself with the online Go community in 2020, she has organized online tournaments and events, streamed Go on Twitch, line-produced most of the AGA broadcasts, and established LGBT+ outreach events with the AGF PrideGo program.

When she's not playing Go, Eva-Dee enjoys playing the piano, reading YA fiction, and getting to know folks in her community.

Jeremiah Donley

4 Dan AGA - MA, USA

Jeremiah is a passionate player striving to become stronger. He often plays on Fox and Tygem. He also creates live streams and professional reviews. His goal at the Baduk House to help others improve their content creation and Go abilities.

Jeremiah may or may not have a slight addiction to soft-drinks.

Angelo Di Lorenzo

7 kyu - MO, USA

Angelo came to the Baduk House to learn and improve, but more importantly to share his love of Go. Now that he’s here he is excited about any impact the group can have that brings Go to new people and builds its influence in the west. In his spare time, Angelo likes to read, watch birds, and work as an EMT. 

Also, some people call him space cowboy.

Nikolai Norona

15 kyu - CA, USA

Nikolai is a Go player who makes up for what he lacks in skill with passion. He's dedicated to reaching SDK before his tenure in the house is over; even while working as a web developer and completing plenty of home improvement projects for the next batch of residents.

Somewhere in there, he'd also like to find time to share Go with as many new players as possible.

Jacob Game (left early)

4 Dan AGA - NM, USA

Jake Game is a British American Go player better known on Twitch as Positive. He has traveled to Korea, China and across the United States to study and play Go. He hopes to win the US open in the 2022 Go Congress.