The Details


Program Description

The Baduk Residency Program was created to allow individuals to immerse themselves in Go through work, study, and play.

Residents will live on the second floor, either in their own or a shared bedroom. Much time each day will be dedicated to researching, studying, and playing the game. Free time for other aspects of life will of course still exist as well.

Applicants should be serious about Go in order to support and fit in with the improvement/training-oriented environment. (The director will not force you to study, so you must be able to self-motivate)

Update: This program will now mimic the traditional artists residency program. Instead of people coming here and being directed to do lots of projects, applicants will now apply with a project in mind. If the project is deemed a benefit to the community it will be accepted and you will be invited to stay between 1-6 months.

Rolling Sessions  -  now taking applications!

In the past we've run the program in 2 or 1 month sessions. However, going forward, we are going to get even more serious about helping you help the Go world (and improve yourself).

Your own session length will be based on your predicted timeline for creating your project and how much time you are personally able to dedicate. It could be 1 month or it could be 6 months.

Additionally, we understand that not everyone is able to drop what they are doing and join tomorrow. So a rolling group of dedicated Go players will allow people to plan ahead and come when they are available.

Funding / Cost

No Cost! Free room and food stipend. Furnishings included. And if your project requires funding, it may be possible to raise the money.

20+ hours/week of work related to the Go community is required. You should be willing to give some credit for your the project you created while at the BadukHouse to BadukClub (adding links or logos, etc).

You should detail your project in your application projects will be selected based on the following criteria:

Examples of projects may include but is not limited to:

Project proposals will be reviewed by the Program Director and you will receive an acceptance letter if your project is approved.

Participants will have t0 set goals and timelines for when things will be completed and if they miss deadlines may be asked to leave early (although 4 alumni have chosen to move to the city after the program and we can help you find long-term housing). This won't be super strict, but I can't have `lazy freeloaders` bringing everyone down.


Quiet study area, large playing area, magnetic teaching board, library of Go books, fast internet access, 4 floor boards, 16 sets of table boards with slate and shell pieces, 100+ sets of folding boards and stones, a printer, and more.


Players must come with a self-motivated desire to improve at Go.

There is no minimum rank requirement. Resources/teachers for stronger players may be available as well, but self-study will be expected for all strengths.

Number of Participants

The program capacity is currently six residents per session.

Program Director

Devin Fraze (1 Dan) is on the Board of the American Go Association and is the lead developer for BadukClub, a website dedicated to mapping the weiqi world and connecting its players.

He hosts four meetups in his city and teaches Go in schools. He also organizes local and regional and global tournament all around the world.