The Details


Program Description

The Baduk Residency Program was created to allow individuals to immerse themselves in Go through work, study, and play.

Residents will live on the second floor, either in their own or a shared bedroom. Much time each day will be dedicated to researching, studying, and playing the game. Free time for other aspects of life will of course still exist as well.

Note: applicants should be extremely serious about Go in order to support and fit in with the improvement/training-oriented environment. (The director will not force you to study, so you must be able to self-motivate)


Quiet study area, large playing area, magnetic teaching board, library of Go books, fast internet access, 2 floor boards, 16 sets of table boards with slate and shell pieces, 100+ sets of folding boards and stones, a printer, and more.


Players must come with a self-motivated desire to improve at Go.

There is no minimum rank requirement, players weaker than 5 kyu will be guaranteed rigorous personal instruction. Resources/teachers for stronger players may be available as well, but self-study will be expected for all strengths.

Number of Participants

The program capacity is currently six residents per session.

Summer Session  -  Full!

We've just accepted the application of our sixth resident! It will run from July 16th - August 20th.

However, if you are still interested, we do keep a wait-list in case someone can't make it. So please apply if you're interested

Fall Session  -  now taking applications (Oct/Nov)

We haven't yet selected our exact dates for this session, but we try and time them around other major events.

There is no deadline, but there is a first-come-first-serve approach to our candidate selection. We encourage you to apply ASAP, especially if you are traveling to the US from abroad and might need help with visas. 

Funding / Cost

No Cost! Free room and board. Furnishings included.

However, 15-20 hours/week of volunteer work related to the Go community is required.

Volunteer work will be event focused may include but is not limited to:

Generally work will be divided by the Program Director. Participants will have a say in what they are or are not expected to do.

Program Director

Devin Fraze (1 Dan) is on the Board of the American Go Association and is the lead developer for BadukClub, a website dedicated to mapping the weiqi world and connecting its players.

He hosts three meetups in his area and teaches Go in schools. He also organizes local and regional tournaments and volunteers to help run Go tournaments online all around the world.