Potential Questions

If you have more questions, write to me at house@baduk.club

What if I have a job or am in school?

This is not an outright problem. However, you should consider working part-time or taking less credit hours while living in this program. If the others come to a consensus that you are not putting in a sufficient amount of effort, you will be asked to leave. The main purpose of living here is to immerse oneself in Go through work, study, and play.

What is the long-term vision for this program?

To provide a place where people can fully immerse themselves into Go outside of Asia. Towards this end, possibilities of buying a larger house (ie. mansion) or a retreat center are not out of the question. Another long-term vision for the program is to setup other Residency Programs in other parts other locations (If you are interested in hosting, contact Devin directly).

Why did you create this program?

Humans are generally social animals and we derive energy from others. I love this game and I hope to create unique ways for players to flourish (myself included).

Can I bring my romantic partner or other non-go playing friend?

No. If there is someone else who would like to live here, they will need to fill out a separate application. However, if you are both individually accepted, then there is no issue.

Is this area safe to live in?

Yes. I’ve lived here over 8 years without any issues.

Parking? Laundry?

Yes (street parking) and yes (basement).

Can I bring my pet?

Most likely no, but it's not fully out of the question. Cats, dogs, horses, and other large animals which exist outside of a cage would not be possible from a logistics, responsibility, and allergy perspective.

Birds can be noisy and may take away from the experience from others, so no. Snakes, fish, stuffed animals, and other extremely low maintenance creatures which do not interfere in any way with the other participants would be possible. If you still wish to bring a pet, please discuss this with the program director via email.